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NFL Flag Football Leagues

Blue Chip NFL Flag Football leagues are the premier youth football leagues for boys and girls ages 4-17 years old. We have been established throughout California for roughly 10 years and have expanded our great leagues to other states such as Ohio and will be planting our leagues in other areas across the country soon.

Our leagues provide all youth athletes a fun and exciting opportunity to learn the sport of football in a much safer environment than tackle, while allowing the players to develop the same skills, agility, and fun, minus the unnecessary wear and tear on their bodies that they would incur from playing tackle football. We are not against tackle football at all, we just feel that the youth bodies and brains need to be more developed before they take on a brutally physical sport.

All of our leagues provide the players with the proper skills and training to learn the sport at the recreational and competitive levels, all while wearing their favorite NFL team's official colors, logos, and uniforms.

Weekly and season statistics are kept on individual and team levels, which builds both enthusiasm and friendly competition between players and teams.

So if interested in playing the fastest growing youth sport in the nation, sign up today and come enjoy the experience!!

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